PetrolWerks Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.

How will my vehicle benefit from performance modification?

Vehicles delivered from the factory are limited in their maximum performance capabilities. We help tap into the max performance potential of each vehicle project we take on. We see what the customer's goal is with the vehicle and perform the necessary modifications to reach those goals. Vehicles also may be revised to provide better gas mileage, be safer and greener for the environment, and/or to provide a smoother ride. Call us today for auto parts fabrication to modify your vehicle's performance.

How do I know what modifications are good for my car or truck?

Each vehicle is different and the modifications can vary from each customer's goal of said vehicle. We offer free consultations and advice on different stages of the build your car or truck would need to go through to achieve your goal(s). We offer assistance in locating parts needed and/or providing custom auto parts fabrication for the needed performance parts or modifications.

Can you handle all stages of modifications in-house?

Yes, we can. From auto welding to custom auto parts fabrication, we pride ourselves on handling ALL work in-house and do not outsource anything. All of our qualified technicians are on the premises as well as the owner himself. The consultation, custom engine rebuilding, chassis work, and all performance modifications are proudly done right here in our 6,000 square-foot shop.

What exactly will a custom exhaust do for my car or truck?

A custom or aftermarket exhaust system can bring out and enhance the full power of your engine. This is designed to replace the factory-fitted exhaust components of your vehicle and is often done to modify appearance, performance, and sound. It can also provide a quicker and more efficient route for the exhaust gases in your engine to exit, allowing the engine to breathe easier. Contact us today for custom auto parts fabrication.

What is custom automotive fabrication?

Auto fabrication involves the repair and design of the vehicle mainframe for custom jobs and accident repair. In today's day and age, classic and unique cars are often left with no aftermarket support and no parts available. Here is where we shine. With our custom auto parts fabrication service, we can provide solutions to problems that don't have a direct solution.

What specialty cars do you work on?

We always shine when challenged with unique cars that require special attention and auto parts fabrication. Over the years, we have worked on cars such as the first-gen Ford GT40, which needed parts that were no longer manufactured and we were able to fabricate and complete the car for the customer. With our vast knowledge and experience over the years with unique cars, we are able to apply this to all platforms.

An example of this is our expertise on the Toyota Supra platform, in which we pride ourselves on being the best in the country! We also have made great advancements in the BMW platform, which has been mentioned by different automotive publications. We also are currently working on pushing the envelope on exotic platforms such as, but not limited to, Lamborghini and Ferrari. We also cater to the entire Euro lineup with products and services for Audi, Mercedes, Maserati, etc.

Our earlier years started off in the domestic market and those accomplishments can also be found throughout the automotive industry. An example of this is our 2013 Mustang GT500. This held the record for the half-mile in its initial year of introduction. We also have helped many people achieve their personal best with their Chevys, Dodge, and Ford vehicles.

Does your shop offer package deals?

Our shop works with our consumers to offer the best pricing in the Tri-State area, including Nassau and Suffolk County. We offer package discounts to any consumer performing full builds from start to finish with our shop. Contact us today for custom auto fabrication, auto welding, and more.

How long does shipping take for parts?

Currently, with the state of the industry due to COVID-19, a lot of parts are on backorder or experiencing shipping delays. We try our best to have and stock up on the most common parts to alleviate any extra wait times when you need auto parts fabrication services.

Do you offer a warranty on your work and, if so, for how long?

Yes. Our standard warranty for custom auto fabrication and our other services is 12 months and/or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Some performance modifications come with limited warranties which are discussed and disclosed ahead of the job being completed.

Do you perform custom engine and/or transmission swaps?

This is right up our alley and you could even call this our specialty. We have performed some unique swaps on some cool cars. We have put Toyota drivetrains in BMWs, BMW drivetrains in Classic Mustangs, and RWD conversions in FWD cars, just to name a few. Basically, if you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us today for expert engine and transmission swaps, auto welding, auto parts fabrication, and more!